So I did this…



It was pretty cool.  Obviously a lot of focus on VR this year but Amazon had a strong presence touting Lumberyard and their overall game strategy.  They have a nice little ecosystem going with their technologies (AWS, Fire, etc.).

There was a lot of Indie stuff there too.  I heard Attendance was around 27,000 making this the largest GDC ever?  S.F. is ridiculously expensive.

New version of WAP for Tinderbox

The fine folks at TinderBox are taking their baby to SXSW and asked for WAP to be one of the games installed on it. I added some features, fixed some bugs and generally spruced it up a bit. It’s still a long way off from being a decent game but progress is being made!


Learning Unity

I am participating in my second game jam and this one has a multiplayer theme so I am doing my rendition of the classic – Warlords. Here is a screen shot of the progress so far. Hopefully an artist will come along and want to create something much more interesting to look at.