My First Game Jam

I have been getting active with a local video game development community called PIGSquad.

This latest (slow summer jam) went from July 12 to the presentations last night (July 20). This particular jam’s theme used a programming learning environment called Scratch and is meant to provide material to the Pixel Arts non-profit that sponsors learn-to-code camps in the Portland area.

So without further ado, I present Feed AL Math.

Business cards are still a thing

After years in a career where I had no use for business cards, I now find that they are rather important. I had assumed some sort of electronic contact exchange would be more widely employed by now but paper tech still prevails.

I wanted to do something cheap and creative so I wrote a java app that generates a sheet of business cards that are styled like an old computer punch card.

You can get the source here:  GitHub businesscard

It’s pretty simple, the text you type on the top text field (such as your email address) will generate punches under each character corresponding to the ASCII encoding of that character, least significant bit at the top. ¬†Only 7 bit characters are supported.

A business card is only 3.5″ by 2″ so you can only have 20 or so chars max before the font is too small to be readable.

At the bottom is another text string that can be anything you wish but you won’t want it to be much larger that the top line because of the space constraints.